Queering Psychedelics: videos now available


I helped run a workshop during the weekend of Queering Psychedelics in San Francisco regarding, ‘In what ways are psychedelics queer?’. That workshop wasn’t filmed.

Instead, you can see what I say during the final discussion panel.

Here’s me answering a question about getting started in psychedelic research, the self as data, and qualitative vs quantitative methods: https://youtu.be/hmLnQUWNunY?t=1052

I make a brief point about the importance of men talking to men about sex and consent in the light of reports of sexual abuse in ayahuasca contexts: https://youtu.be/hmLnQUWNunY?t=2766

Then a brief comment about means and ends, questioning the common goals of psychedelic research: https://youtu.be/hmLnQUWNunY?t=6309

And finally my reflection on what I’ve learnt during the conference. The discovery of a transatlantic community of love and friendship: https://youtu.be/hmLnQUWNunY?t=7613

The full playlist of videos from the Queering Psychedelics conference is now available, comprehensive and free. Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUJAOR2jnJ8HqUZ3MXq4h7jnM2_NjoYan

Adam Knowles