Your questions

Do you work with young people OR children (under 18)?
Do you offer Group work?

I currently only work with 18+ adults, individually or as a couple.

In future I may train for work with children, adolescents and young people.

Group work (encounter groups and similar) provides a space to explore interpersonal relationships at a reduced cost-per-session. While I encourage you to explore the options, it's not something I currently offer.

I'm a counselling or psychotherapy student: will you work with me?

I wish to encourage those studying psychotherapy and counselling and will do whatever I can to help. We would need to consider together if it would work for you. I don't rule it out, but please ensure that I meet your course requirements before contacting me. For example, some need UKCP rather than BACP registration.

I'm a TV or radio Producer: will you be on my show?

Probably not. I've done a fair amount of TV and radio work in previous incarnations. I'm humbled by your interest. I think my and the existential perspective has a lot to offer media work: challenging mainstream views with a provocative alternative.

But I am focusing on my work with clients at present and carefully building my practice to avoid taking too much on and maintain a focus on quality.  My work seeing clients, conducting research and other interests means it is unlikely I am the right fit for you at present. By all means get in touch.


Your reduced fee is still £60.

I want to see you but i really can't afford it. Is there anything you can do?

The rate I charge reflects room hire, supervision, professional memberships and training. View it as a serious investment in yourself and your future.

I volunteer my time one day per week within the Reduced Fee Service (RFS) at Number 42 Psychotherapy and Well-being, London Bridge. If money is a limiting factor in your choice of psychotherapist, I encourage you to visit their website and see if the RFS could see you:

You may also want to investigate support from your doctor or charities like Mind.

Do sessions have to be weekly? I'd like to see you fortnightly, monthly or ad-hoc.

It works best in support of your therapy to commit to once per week. My expectation is that you come every week, beyond a few weeks per year of holiday, unless there are genuinely exceptional circumstances. Much happens in a week, and we only have fifty minutes to discuss that and issues that may have accumulated over a lifetime. I understand and regret that means some will be unable to afford or fit therapy into their week.