Adam Knowles, Psychotherapist

Here for you.


Psychotherapy in London

I am a psychotherapist based in London Bridge, UK. Every client deserves a fresh approach, and I draw on theory and practice from existential, humanistic and psychodynamic schools. I am comfortable with a wide range of issues such as anxiety, stress and depression, or sex, gender and relationships. I believe you are the expert on your own life, yet we can all benefit from another perspective on recent or long-term difficulties. I generally work in open-ended contracts, also willing to work shorter-term or single-session. I am creative, confident and dedicated to my work and believe in the power of presence and compassion to bring about real, lasting change.


Areas of work

Below is a partial list of some of the more common areas that bring people to therapy and that I am happy to work with.


Issues around weight and relationship to food or drink, self-esteem, work-place politics, public speaking, or in the bedroom.


    Feeling deeply unmotivated and disconnected, unable to engage in life, a low mood that feels inescapable no matter what you do or try.

    Intimate relationships

    Family, partners whether long-term or short-term, friends, children.


    Internally or externally directed. Profound feelings of rage that are difficult or impossible to contain. An emotional dynamic that upsets the relationships most important to you.

    Loss and bereavement

    Grief, death of loved ones or serious illness of yourself and others, the loss of something or someone.


    Whether physical or emotional, regular or infrequent: the intentional hurting of yourself for some reason that seems to make sense, yet at another level you question.

    Stress and anxiety

    Whether at home or at work, generalised or specific with triggers.

    Self development

    Reaching your potential, eliminating self-imposed blocks, becoming more in control of your life and getting out of it more of what you really want.


    “Shift happens.”