Psychedelics and psychotherapy

My research interest is the ritual use of ayahuasca in small groups for insight and healing, and I have knowledge of the therapeutic applications of psilocybin, MDMA, LSD, DMT, peyote and a range of other plant medicines and substances. If you’re planning a trip, I can assist your preparation for a worthwhile session. If you’ve had a revelatory or traumatic experience recently or years ago, I will work with you to make sense of it. Sessions are available via Skype or in-person in London.

Underground experiences and self-experimentation typically do not offer what I can in terms of:

  • Five years of systematic, formal, university-accredited training focused on providing therapeutic support for you.

  • A lifelong, professional commitment to ethics and an official, well-documented and independent complaints procedure. I have a clean track record.

  • A written confidentiality policy, a relationship with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and GDPR compliant data processing, all to protect you.

  • Services that are within the law. We can contract safely for services of any duration without fear of being caught out or having to suddenly stop.

  • Regular supervision of my practice.

  • Work covered by insurance, including public liability and professional indemnity.

If you think I could be of service, please get in touch. I’m happy to answer any questions.

Art by William Blake

Art by William Blake


Not in the UK. I cannot conduct, promote or endorse activity that is illegal here due to ethical, legal and insurance constraints.

If you’re interested in ayahuasca, I have personal experience with the Soltara retreat center in Costa Rica.

In Europe, the London-based Psychedelic Society UK offer regular, legal, well-run Psychedelic Experience Retreats.

There is further useful information in ‘So, You Want To Find a Psychedelic Guide?’.

I am happy to discuss these options personally with you if helpful.

An appropriate setting is all-important

An appropriate setting is all-important


Only you can decide. I can help with information, advice and a consultation. I don’t consider it my role to assess, validate, prescribe or recommend psychedelic treatments. What I will say is that many common psychiatric drugs are incompatible with psychedelics (e.g. SSRIs, MAOIs), as are certain bodily states (e.g. pregnancy) and illnesses (epilepsy).

After that, it becomes trickier to assess eligibility. If you have serious, frequent problems with consensus reality (e.g. psychosis) or maintaining a coherent sense of self in daily life, I recommend extreme caution.

You must do your own research, but I can point you toward useful and accurate information.

A dance

A dance

Aren’t psychedelics dangerous? What about bad trips, jumping off the balcony?

Besides their illegality in the UK, psychedelics contain powerful psycho-active compounds that demand the utmost caution and respect.

My research and review of the literature leaves me firmly of the opinion that psychedelics are safe for therapeutic purposes if you follow appropriate protocols. These protocols relate to the substance, setting, (mind)set and sitters/facilitators. I agree with the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) that a ‘bad trip’ is, in the right circumstances better seen as a spiritual challenge and an opportunity for growth.

Michael Pollan provides a readable, balanced assessment in ‘What do we know about the risks of psychedelics?’